April Link Roundup

Our favorite recent-ish content from around the web, complete with snappy commentary.


As the sun comes out and melts the last of the snow, we're getting geared up for another great summer season at 5 Elm Street! This year has brought a lot of changes, from launching our new website and blog to partnering with several new brands for some upcoming ~online exclusives~. And if you didn't know about any of that, we want to keep you in the loop! Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list for updates on all the latest happenings chez Josephine.

Now, to business...


Minimalism is one trend that's seemingly here to stay. But don't go throwing away everything in your closet just yet -- here are the 10 Classic Wardrobe Staples You Should Never Get Rid Of

We're loving these short-but-sweet musings from The Accidental Icon on style -- what it costs and how to have it.


You know those fake fireplace programs you can find on Netflix and put on your TV screen? This is like that, but with dahlias. Lose yourself in spring beauty on a rainy day, and count down the days until your favorite flower farm opens its doors for the season.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that travel-sized cosmetics and toiletries -- like other tiny things such as babies, doll furniture, and bonsai trees -- are irresistible. Which is why we must apologize for linking you to this list of the best travel-sized beauty products in every category under the sun. Enjoy your 3 ounce bottles of luxury serums and shampoos!


New dream house idea: a mid-century Hawaiian treehouse with a Japanese twist. "Tropical Modernism" wasn't a design trend we'd ever heard of before reading this article, but you can bet we're here for it.

Did you know that fresh flowers in the home can make you feel more compassionate towards others? Yet another reason to snag that $10 grocery store bouquet, or pick up a few blooms from your local florist, if you're feeling fancy.

The concept of a junk drawer is inherently flawed, and we must all wake up to this travesty of a waste of space. Here's the minimalist kick in the pants we all need to get started.


It's National Poetry Month, and we're in love with this classic from the late, great Mary Oliver, also a great lover of dogs: For I Will Consider My Dog Percy

...and if that poem makes you a little misty-eyed (it always does for us), don't fret: crying is incredibly good for you, and women in particular have a lot to gain by tapping into the empowerment of letting the waterworks flow.

Now for a pick-me-up! When we hear the word "matchmaker," most of us probably think of Fiddler on the Roof -- but it's not just a thing of the past! More and more, people are looking outside of dating apps and organic meet ups to find the partner of their dreams. If you're feeling rabidly curious now, you're not alone. This was so juicy: Two Professional Matchmakers Tell Us Their Secrets

What have you been reading and loving this month? Drop us a line and let us know! XOXO.

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