February Link Roundup

Wintertime coziness + almost-spring optimism


Professor Lyn Slater of The Accidental Icon proves that style has no age limit: Meet the Insta-Gramma Who Defies Ageism

As always, the Fug Girls make Vogue cover-watching into a sport, complete with hilarious commentary: It's Been Awhile Since We Checked In On International Vogues...


Because posts about other people's beauty routines are strangely addictive: 10 Stylemakers Reveal the Beauty Hacks They Swear By. (Who knew that the founder of Cupcakes & Cashmere was also a Kai fan?)

Red lips are a wintertime staple when everything else is pale and blah. Don't think you can pull it off? The beauty editors at Allure beg to differ. Here's The Best Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone


Feeling that nesting urge as spring creeps up on us? Here are 12 Blogs Every Interior Design Fan Should Follow

If you can't get enough of Maine's easygoing New England style, we have just the thing for you: DownEast Magazine's current list of Maine Real Estate Listings We Love. (You can thank us when you finally buy that dream home on Islesboro.)


From the author of one of our favorite cookbooks, a comforting winter recipe to get you through the rest of cold and flu season: Ginger Scallion Noodle Bowls

Over at Ask a Clean Person, Jolie Kerr (our hero) teaches us How to Get Peanut Butter Out of Cashmere

An oldie but a goodie. Michael Tonnello spills all in his memoir about spending his best years chasing down elusive, beloved handbags, and selling them for a hefty profit on eBay: NYT Book Review - Bringing Home the Birkin

Stay tuned for what's coming in March! Only 5 more weeks until spring ;)

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