In defense of Valentine's Day

Doggy love! (feat. Chloe and some tulle)

Valentine's Day is one holiday that tends to generate strong opinions. Starting out as a celebration of a third-century saint's execution and martyrdom, it has evolved over the course of centuries into a celebration of love as marked by the exchange of paper hearts and mediocre sweets (seriously, what's with those candy hearts?). Its critics say that the relentless fixation on romantic love is a symptom of Western culture's obsession with romance as the ultimate key to happiness, while its proponents maintain that it's a harmless tradition for couples to engage in or not as they see fit.

Whatever. We just like the chocolates.

But when you stop to think about it, Valentine's Day can be something of a missed opportunity. It falls right in the middle of that long dreary stretch after Christmas when much of the country is buried under feet of snow and ice (#polarvortex2019). It promises sweets and kisses and cuddles and lots of flattering pink and red tones to warm up everyone's winter skin. The problem is that we've limited it to expressions of ~romantic love~ (well, that, and also your kid's kindergarten class where everyone has to give each other paper Valentines OR ELSE).

That's why, this Valentine's Day, we're trying something a little different over here. We're celebrating the incredible women in our lives, these warriors of love and light who have come into our lives at just the right time... the sisters who build each other up in love, celebrating successes and mourning failures in the best possible way: together:

Janet's daughters Brynn and Paige having a #sistermoment the mom wishing love and joy for her babies, giving of her body and her heart to cherish them always:

Josephine girl Abigail on vacation in Florida with her baby bump! the friends who work and laugh and cry side by side, through every circumstance, for as long as it takes to make it work:

Cheryl D and Janet with silly hats, Christmas 2017

Cheryl O and Janet frolicking in the snow!

That's us, the Josephine girls.

That's you.

So this Valentine's Day, take a moment to yourself. Think of the women in your life who have loved you from the bottom of their hearts, who have fed you delicious food, who have wiped the tears from your eyes, who have taken you aside and told you that you were worth it, that you deserved to be whole and happy and loved. Call them up if you can, or remember them if you can't, and tell them in any way possible that you love them. And then eat a chocolate.

Lots of love.


P.S. Looking for the perfect "I love you" gift for your bestie? We've got you covered.

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