Please take care of your nice things

This is a PSA: never put anything you love in the dryer. Jeans, silk tops, books, social security cards, children...just don't do it.

Not the most effective stain removal technique, but points for originality.

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It happens to all of us at least once: you do a load of laundry, only to discover that your favorite sweater is now the size of a newborn's onesie. Cue devastation, and curse you, modern technology, for making us lazy! (But really, we have no excuse to be like this when the washing instructions are RIGHT THERE on the tag.)

We have seen one too many cashmere cardigans sacrificed to the laundry gods, and we are here to help with this handy list of resources, so that you don't have to cross your fingers every time you take a finished load of laundry out for inspection. Fellow clumsy friends, fear not: we've also made sure to include stain removal guides for when you inevitably slosh red wine all over your mother-in-law's white pants...again.


This comprehensive guide from JBrand will clue you in on the secrets for caring for different kinds of denim, from spot cleaning to drying (always hang jeans to dry!). A few highlights: that freezer trick that's all the rage might not be the best at getting the funk out, but wearing your jeans in the ocean will. For spot treatments, baking soda or a squirt of this should do the trick.


Vogue's resident sweater expert schools us on moth avoidance and proper storage, with a backup plan for repair in case the little creatures manage to take a chunk out of your favorite turtleneck. And Martha Stewart's comprehensive guide to how to wash your wool and cashmere sweaters in a bucket with some Woolite or in the washing machine is a must if you'd like to avoid the perennial doll-sweater situation described above. Whatever you do, avoid dry cleaning! It will make the fibers stiff and eliminate their natural coziness.


Unless the label says "dry clean only," most silk is safe to be handwashed or put in the washer on the delicate cycle with a specialty soap like this one. Just don't put it in the dryer, because dryers are evil (apparently).


Save yourself a trip to the jeweler's with this comprehensive guide to caring for different types of metals and stones. Cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleansers might be okay for harder materials, but skip them for delicate stones such as pearls, opals, and emeralds if you want to preserve their shine and quality.


When it comes to upholstery fabric, regular maintenance is key -- most signs of everyday wear and tear can be avoided simply by vacuuming your furniture, paying attention to the manufacturing codes, and the judicious use of baby wipes (seriously).

Nothing worse than artfully spilling some ultramarine blue oil paint on your favorite blouse.


The best way to deal with stains is not to make them in the first place. If that means using a sippy cup for your Bloody Mary, so be it. Just kidding! Live life on the edge knowing that some angel of a person has made this comprehensive PDF guide to different types of stains/fabrics/solvents. For an even speedier approach, try this chart of every possible staining agent under the sun.

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