The ultimate gift card guide

Holiday shopping. We've all been there. There's the mom who insists she doesn't want anything but looks ever so slightly disappointed when you give her socks (again). Then there's the sister or cousin whose wish list is frustratingly vague. Sorry sis, "nice clothes" and "fun books" are not going to help me find you the gift of your dreams! Add to that countless friends, neighbors, and coworkers with varied tastes, and you've got a recipe for a stressful next 17 days until Christmas (not that we're counting). could give them a gift card.

I know what you're thinking. What a cop-out! Gift cards are lazy! I'm here to tell you that no, they're not--if you do it right. Here are my three cardinal rules for gift cards:

  1. Know your audience. While most people welcome the chance to purchase something they know they will love (which saves them the trouble of having to return the well-intentioned item they didn't like), some people are just not gift card people. If your giftee hates shopping, you're probably better off finding something more concrete. Likewise, if they have a collection of never-used gift cards lining the bottom of their purse, that's also a sign that your generosity will go unheeded.

  2. Select accordingly. The idea with a gift card, versus a cash gift, is that you're basically forcing the recipient to buy themselves something nice at a store they love, instead of spending it on groceries or gas. Operative words: "store they love." Do not get your super-clumsy, DIY-hating friend (moi) a gift card to Home Depot without a very good reason.

  3. Presentation matters. When done right, gift cards can be wonderfully personal. After all, what's better than getting someone an experience somewhere that they enjoy? Conversely, if you want to honor someone without knowing exactly what their tastes are, a gift card is a great way to do that. The most important thing is showing that you care about the recipient: add a note, and wrap the card up nicely in a gift card sleeve or a box if you can. It's nice to have something to unwrap on Christmas morning.

This holiday season, Josephine is delighted to offer our very own brand-new and beautifully wrapped gift cards. Give her the gift of a warm and inviting shopping experience, and watch her eyes light up when she opens it! Gift cards are available in amounts $50 and up online or in-store. We are happy to customize with a handwritten note if you are purchasing remotely. (And psst: any existing paper gift certificates can also be converted to plastic to save you the trouble of carrying those things around in your wallet.)

Happy shopping, lovelies! Hopefully this gives you some ideas... ;)

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