The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: May 6, 2019

We love Mother's Day because it's a time for us to celebrate all of the awesome female mentors in our lives, biologically related or not. This one is for the moms, aunties, grandmothers, confidantes, and role models who have been lights in the darkness, people who have changed us for the better and taught us how to live with compassion and integrity. You guys rock.

In order: Jackie Kennedy with her family; Audrey Hepburn kissing her firstborn; Michelle Obama with her daughter Malia; Oprah Winfrey with students at the school she founded on their graduation day; Janet and her mom; Janet and her daughter Paige; Janet and her daughter Brynn; the author with her mom on her wedding day; Josephine staff Cheryl as a baby with her mom circa 1971; Josephine staff Whitney with her son Jacson; Whitney as a child (right) with her mom (center); Whitney with her son Patric.

5 ways to show your appreciation this Mother's Day

Make her a meal

...because her words of encouragement fed you when you had nothing else to live on.

How about this, one of these to spice things up over brunch, and a delicious dessert? (Your mileage may vary. My mom loves artichokes.)

Treat her to a mani-pedi (or a massage, or a facial)

...because she was the one who told you that it was okay to "do your own hair and go with a friend"

Local suggestions: Tropical Nails, Samoset Spa, Beauty Mark.

Take her on a walk somewhere beautiful

...because she was the one who first taught you what beauty was, and because going on walks together was the only way you could have a deep conversation when you were an awkward teenager.

Local suggestions: Camden Hills State Park, Fernald's Neck Preserve -- go swimming if you're feeling brave!

Tell her you love her

...just because.

Surprise her with a gift

...because even if you can't thank her enough or repay her for everything she's done, you can still make sure she feels pretty.

Items pictured, in order:

  1. "I Love You" matches and brass heart trinket, both available in store

  2. Clockwise from left: Chan Luu gauze foil print scarf in green, The Universe Has Your Back card deck, Holmes and Hudson bath soak (available in-store), Angel Aura quartz

  3. Rue de Marli products, Farmhouse Pottery match striker and matches (available in-store)

  4. Miniature card (available in-store), double diamond stacking ring

  5. Diamond and baroque pearl duo necklace, Vince pencil stripe belted dress

  6. Vince pencil stripe belted dress

  7. Frank & Eileen Barry button down with embroidered heart (available in-store), handbag (available in-store), and Chan Luu viscose bandana scarf in pink

  8. Everyday Oil, Chan Luu silk and cashmere scarf (orchid color available in store)

  9. Circle pendant necklace with center diamond

  10. Modern Sprout "Unwind" Gift Set

  11. Modern Sprout "Ritual" Gift Set

How will you show your appreciation for that special woman in your life? Let us know!

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