Why shop in a boutique?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

If you're used to big department stores, boutique shopping can seem a little bit daunting. Maybe it's the smaller selection, or the fear of being judged by snooty employees à la Pretty Woman (although we hope the latter would never be a concern at Josephine). Regardless, boutiques offer several unique perks that together make for an outstanding retail experience. Let's take a look at some of the top reasons why boutiques are best for the discerning shopper.

  1. Better service. Boutique employees don't answer to some faceless corporate structure--they interact daily with the owner of the business and with the customers. Unlike workers at larger department stores, they are in touch with the overall vision for the business, its ethos, and its direction. A smaller, more curated collection also means that boutique employees are able to get to know the designers and cuts of certain items very well--which means you're more likely to end up with something you love. And finally, boutique business models rely much more on customer-employee relationships than on fancy marketing schemes. One of the most rewarding parts about working in a boutique is getting to know the repeat customers, their tastes, and their stories. Simply put, stylists at boutiques care more about you.

  2. Better selection. High-end designers assign reps to every business that sells their products. In a small boutique like Josephine, the owner or buyer speaks directly with a representative from the designer and handpicks each and every piece from a huge line sheet of potential items. Ultimately, while we may not have the sheer amount of inventory that many department stores carry, we are able to cut to the chase by giving our customers a more streamlined experience. Additionally, most high-end brands set aside a certain amount of inventory to be sold wholesale, which means that something that's sold out on Veronica Beard's website might just be available at Josephine.

  3. Support local small businesses. Small businesses make up the fabric of community in Camden, and we are so grateful to our customers for helping us to create and maintain this welcoming and beautiful space that is open to locals and outsiders alike. In addition, Josephine is proud to support many local charities through donations and auctions. Bottom line: money that's spent locally goes right back into the community.

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